Cook with Peter Gilmore

Cook with Peter Gilmore
AUD 595,00 AU$
  • Süre: 7 Saat (Tahmini)
  • Lokasyon: New Norfolk, Tasmania

led by Peter Gilmore, Executive Chef of Quay Restaurant

Next Class:  Friday 14 April 2023

Cost: AU$595.00 per person / Duration: 9.00am to 4.00pm / Guests per class: 12

Location:  The Agrarian Kitchen, 11A The Avenue, New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia

Inclusions:  Tour of The Agrarian Kitchen's garden / Hands-on cooking experience / Lunch matched with wine / Recipes


It is our great honour to be able to host Peter Gilmore at The Agrarian Kitchen. Peter is an icon of the Australian food industry and well known for supporting and working directly with small producers to create the food of Quay restaurant and Bennelong in Sydney’s Opera House, where he is Executive Chef. For Peter’s class he will tap the resources of The Agrarian Kitchen walled garden along with local Tasmanian producers to unlock the mysteries surrounding umami - the fifth taste. An enigma long understood by chefs who use it to their advantage in restaurant food. The aim of this is to teach the home cook a skill that can be utilised to increase the flavours of your own food. The day's cooking will culminate in a long lunch enjoyed with local Tasmanian wines and Peter’s ebullient company.